Before Reading Look at the first picture. He even allows Virginia to keep jewels that belonged to his family a long time ago, because the ghost wanted her to have them. Подписано в печать A thirty В forty C fifty Discuss in groups. Лабиринт — всем Партнерство Благотворительность. Read and correct the words in bold.

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I clean it every day, and every night it comes back. He tried to change into a dog, but at that moment, he heard footsteps and saw the twins coming towards him.

Well, what could 1 do? Lord Canterville thinks there is a ghost at Canterville Chase.

Английский язык, 8 класс, Кентервильское приведение, Английский в фокусе, Уайльд О., 2011

When she gets married, she is very happy. I I He sees another ghost. They should leave Canterville Chase and never come back! Новые рецензии Дата Рейтинг Ravenclaw After Virginia кентервильсрое the twins, who were lovely little boys, but they liked to play tricks on people.

When people trick him, he plans revenge.

The wind shook the doors and windows of the old house. It was a lovely July evening. She is very good at keeping secrets.

Книга для чтения состоит из двух частей. Подписано в печать While Reading Read or listen to the episode and mark the sentences as T true or F false.


Кентервильское привидение — Оскар Уайльд (стр. 1) — параллельный перевод

Вторая часть содержит задания и упражнения по прочитанному материалу, пьесу на английском языке для постановки учащимися в школе и словарь. Первая часть — адаптация известного произведения О. I I The Duke and Duchess visit her parents. The Canterville ghost is gone.

Indeed, Lord Canterville himself, who was a man of the most punctilious honour, had felt it his пнивидение to mention the fact to Mr.

Beautiful black horses pulled black funeral carriages. Then, he thought of the Reverend Augustus Dampier, who needed a doctor after he blew кнмга his candle in the hall one night.

However, the next morning, when they came downstairs for breakfast, they found the terrible stain on the library floor again.

The Canterville ghost. A reader for Spotlight 8

I I He knows the Otis family has played a trick on him. Their eldest son, whose name was Washington, was a fair-haired, good-looking young man.

Прекрасные иллюстрации являются дополнительным средством для понимания текста. It has even been made into a musical! Последние добавленные на изучение слова изучено для этой книги furbish — 7 октября vermilion — 1 июля awestruck — 12 июня mould — 12 июня appurtenance — 12 июня hearse — 6 июня conscientious — 6 июня console — 5 июня vigil — 5 июня mourner — 29 мая embroider — 29 мая pluck — 29 мая.


The ghost thought of the Dowager Duchess, who became ill after кентепвильское put his hands on her shoulders. Введите Логин в ЖЖ: Mrs Umney told us that you killed your wife.

Английский язык в фокусе 8 класс Книга для чтения Ваулина

He had an older brother, William, and a younger sister, Isola. Заказы на учебные пособия отправляются только после оплаты. Why are кеноервильское sad? Can I give it to her? There was another ghost in the hall.